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2022-6-17 · Mining Technology is devoted to all aspects of underground, opencast, and offshore mining operations, including: •Mining finance, mining economics and evaluation, mineral resources management, planning control and mining law •Mine design and development, operational techniques, mining machinery, environmental issues, mine management and …

Corruption Risks in Armenia''s Mining Sector

2019-8-25 · Factual Data on Armenia''s Mining Industry. Below are several economic indicators of the mining industry. Despite the fact that the mining industry does not play a big role in Armenia''s economy, this sector is always a subject for heated discussions. Unfortunately, these discussions are limited to environmentalist circles.

Reasons Why Armenia Has Invited Crypto Mining Hardware

2022-3-8 · In Armenia, an old thermal power plant was shut down in January 2022. Instead, it was converted into a hosted zone for digital mining currency, i.e., bitcoin. Crypto mining was legalized in 2018, so it was easy to set up this economic zone. The infrastructures involved in the mining business will have complete access to sources of electrical energy

The Rising Tech Industry in Armenia

2020-10-10 · In 2019 alone, Armenia was able to increase its technology industry by more than 30% and expects to double the industry output by 2024. The government has also become involved in the efforts to capitalize on the technology sector''s growth. It has introduced tax breaks that have benefited about 230 firms and resulted in more than 1,200 new jobs.

Mining Armenia: protests test the Velvet Revolution

2018-11-19 · The mining sector makes a significant contribution to both national and individual wealth in Armenia. A lack of transparency. Uncertainty in the sector''s future is compounded by a lack of transparency in the history of mining, which the Pashinyan government will need to address to restore faith in Armenian mining.

$50 Million Bitcoin Mining Farm Opens in Armenia

2018-10-20 · A new cryptocurrency mining facility opened in Armenia on Oct. 18. The $50 million farm will extract bitcoin and ethereum using 3,000 machines, according to local media reports. Around 120,000 more miners are to be added in the months to come. Multi Group and Omnia Establish Landmark Armenian Mining Facility

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Armenia: Five Largest Surface Mines in 2021

Kajaran Mine in Syunik, was the largest surface mine in Armenia, producing approximately 60.37 million metric tons per annum (mmtpa) of Run-of-Mine (ROM) and primarily produced copper (163.01 thousand tonnes) in 2021. The Kajaran Mine is owned by Zangezur Mining LLC;Armenian Molybdenum Production LLC;CRONIMET Mining AG;Plant of Pure Iron OJSC. The second …

Armenia''s Economy Is Dependent on the Mining Industry

2021-8-26 · The output of the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine made up about 20%—around $500 million—of Armenia''s total export volume. Therefore, the adoption of Bill G-1007 can be expected to have a direct impact on the activity of the ZCMC. In 2020, mining companies paid about 80 billion AMD ($160 million) to the state budget, 5-6% of total tax ...

Challenge: Copper in Armenia

In 2013, FL was hired to engineer and provide equipment for a mineral processing facility for a copper mine in Lori province near Teghout in northern Armenia, partly funded by Danish institutions. The equipment supplied for the project was of the highest standard regarding environmental impacts.

Armenia: The Silicon Valley of the Soviet Union

2021-8-29 · Armenia presented several strategic considerations. It was (and still is) a significant mining center, providing 10% of the Soviet Union''s copper in 1933. It was also a border region, with its associated defense requirements. As such, Armenia was integrated into the Soviet Union''s mechanical engineering and aviation industries.

Armenia Mining Industry Newswire

2022-5-31 · Armenia Mining Industry News Monitoring Service from EIN News; Media Monitoring & Online News Monitoring of Armenia Mining Industry. Mining Industry Today. Questions? +1 (202) 335-3939. ... G2 Technologies Corp. Announces the Closing of First Acquisition in the Permian Basin G2 Technologies Corp (CSE:GTOO) VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, …

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mining Manufacturers serving Armenia | Energy XPRT ... Hydro Energy

Armenia Mining Technology News Topics

2021-11-20 · Trusted News Since 1995 A service for mining industry professionals · Saturday, November 20, 2021 · 556,776,156 Articles · 3+ Million Readers

History of Mining Technology | American Mine Services

The history of mining technology started with using simple tools for extraction. These included digging by hand or using stone tools. While these were the only methods of mining at the time, the process was slow and highly inefficient as it took so long. However, manual mining tools were soon replaced by a more efficient source.

Responsible Mining in Armenia: Opportunities and …

2014-3-25 · Yerevan, Armenia - On March 25-26 at the Marriott Armenia Hotel, the Government of Armenia and the World Bank hosted an International Conference entitled "Responsible Mining in Armenia: Opportunities and Challenges". The goal of the conference is to facilitate dialogue between the various stakeholders of the mining industry in Armenia by informing stakeholder …

Lydian''s gold project in Armenia hits new …

2019-11-5 · Minerals and metals make up about half of Armenia''s exports and mining accounted for about 3% of the country''s economic output in 2017, government data shows. Share Mining Recommends.

General Information

2022-6-10 · Armenia''s mining sector is a key contributor to the national economy. Ore concentrates and metals accounted for just over half of Armenia''s exports in last years, solidifying their status as the country''s most important export products. More than 670 mines of solid minerals, including 30 metal mines, with confirmed resources are currently ...

Mining in Armenia: overview | Practical Law

2020-10-1 · This article looks at mining investment, the legal system applicable to mining, various mining laws, mineral ownership in, different types of mining tenements available, rights of miners to access land against landowners'' rights, imposition of royalties and other taxes by the various levels of government, and rules and restrictions concerning foreign investment in Armenia.

Description of the Mining Sector of Armenia

The non-metal mining sector is significant in terms of the number of operations (more than 400 permits), but the vast majority are low volume quarries. Production is much less than during the Soviet period, as it mainly focuses on meeting local demand for construction materials, and there is little export. .

Armenia Copper Mines News Monitoring

2022-1-3 · Armenia ex-PM: Average annual growth is only 2.4% under premier Pashinyan. Last year was unsuccessful. The economic decline in 2020 was 7.8%, this year the growth will be 5-5.5% at best—if there will be, of course—, and the growth is mainly due to the mining and gaming. And what these authorities were complaining about, they now …

Armenia Mining Companies News Monitoring

2022-7-3 · Armenia signals readiness to restart controversial mine project. After years of indecision, Armenia appears to be preparing the way to resume development of the controversial Amulsar gold mine project. On June 18, new amendments in the country''s mining code went into force. Among other things, they allow companies to …

crypto mining in Armenia | BioEnergy Consult

2022-3-8 · In Armenia, an old thermal power plant was shut down in January 2022. Instead, it was converted into a hosted zone for digital mining currency, i.e., bitcoin. Crypto mining was legalized in 2018, so it was easy to set up this economic zone. The infrastructures involved in the mining business will have complete access to sources of electrical energy

Gold & Mineral Mining in Armenia

2016-4-16 · GeoProMining gold is the largest gold mining company in Armenia operating both the Ararat gold extraction plant and the Zod (Sotk) mines. The company reconstructed the gold processing plant at the Zod mines in 2013 to apply a new Albion technology. This technology was developed by the Australian company Xstrata Technology and was first applied ...

Nuclear to support mining expansion in Armenia

2021-10-8 · Armenia is preparing to launch a joint development in which a new nuclear power plant will support an expansion of copper mining in a collaboration between the country and Russian billionaire businessman Roman Trotsenko. The plan taking shape involves developing the Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine, which has recently been taken over by …


Levels of subsoil assets per capita are high compared to similar petroleum-importing countries in the region. Mining in Armenia is concentrated around the extraction of the following metals: iron, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc, gold, silver, antimony, and aluminum. There are also valuable reserves of rare metals in gold-polymetallic, copper ...

Mining in Armenia

2018-7-18 · Armenia''s mining sector is one of the cornerstones of the national economy. In 2015, the mineral industry grew by 50.4 per cent and made up …

How transparent is mining in Armenia?

2019-2-15 · Mining accounted for 4.4% of GDP in 2015; in 2016, this number fell to 2.6%. However, the share of the industry in exports remains over 50%, with copper alone taking up 23-26% all exports. As a result, mining and associated …

Mining in Armenia: overview – redbridge

2021-12-7 · Armenia''s industrial-scale metal production began in the early 19th century with the opening of the Alaverdi and Kapan copper mines. Economic development began to rely more on mining in the early 1950s with the development of the Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine, which exploited the world-class Kajaran deposit (among the ten largest in the ...

GPM Gold Project

2022-7-7 · GPM own and operate the Zod Gold Mine and Ararat Processing Plant in Armenia to produce gold and silver bullion. In order to expand, GPM needed to treat the underlying sulphide material at the Zod mine which achieved around 20 to 30% gold recovery through their existing conventional CIL flowsheet. In 2010, GPM approved a refurbishment project ...

A Law is Proposed in Armenia to Legalize Cryptocurrency …

The newly proposed legislation aims to legalize and regulate cryptocurrency mining in Armenia as it lays down the basics. Upon the adoption of the drafted law, miners will be offered incentives including tax exemptions and businesses will be able to operate mining facilities without licensing, indirectly legalizing cryptocurrency transactions.


2022-7-13 · In 2016, the country''s mining sector exports were valued at $480 million and were down by 1.3% than in 2015. Mineral commodities constituted a significant percentage of the country''s exports. The main export commodities are cut diamonds, energy, nonferrous metals, pig iron, unwrought copper, and other mineral products.

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